"Leila's teaching is creative with strength, laughter, and lots of room for exploration. She brings every piece of her sweet personality and energizes the class with her knowledge and love for life. As a teacher myself I'm inspired by her niche in traveling and teaching, while sharing what inspires her along the way. Blessed to know this awesome chick and see her evolving in big ways! "
Elaina Ziesche, Gainesville Florida

"In an time when there is so much need for guidance in our bodies, minds and spirit, we are blessed to have Leila Dylla as a teacher. She brings laughter and illumination onto the mat, breathe and movement into the places of shadow. Yoga is a gift for your self and Leila is a gift to Yoga."
Gabriel Tree, Gainesville Florida 

"Leila is one of the most truly genuine people I know. She's strong, caring, funny and whole heartedly herself. It's so refreshing to be around her and her good vibes which makes her a spectacular yoga instructor."
Sarah King, Gainesville Florida

I practiced yoga for a few short years in Ohio and took a year off. I loved it, but I got too 'busy' (I realize now that's silly). Once I moved to key largo, Florida I decided to pick it back up when I started experiencing some 'anxiety issues'. I was in a weird place. Your classes were my favorite. Humor is my favorite attribute in a person, I think it's the best therapy, (among a few other things) and you were hilarious. I've always thought about becoming a yoga teacher, but most teachers I had experienced were a little up tight, wonderful, but up tight- not like me. You were someone I could relate to. Every time I saw you, you were like a ray of sunshine with the best energy! You were unique and always brought an amazing message to class. Just like your Instagram page! You really made me 'think'. You inspired me to want to become a teacher, and better myself. After practicing yoga with you for those few short months my 'anxiety issues' started to disappear! You truly are someone who has impacted my life greatly and I appreciate it! You are a wonderful yoga teacher! Thank you for being you!
Healther Parmley, Key Largo Florida

"Leila has and continues to be an amazing influence in my life. She came into my life as one of my coaches at my CrossFit gym. I had already been doing CrossFit for about a year and Yoga before that. I tried to always work hard on form and position over heavy weight. Leila saw that and appreciated the fact that I took her cues seriously always (trying) to incorporate her feedback into my workouts. She also did a special yoga class for athletes at the gym. I was hooked and to this day try to attend every one of her classes that my schedule allows for. CrossFit athletes are typically a little bulkier and less agile than your average Yogi. Leila not only works fluidly with both populations in the same class, she makes it an inviteing and enjoyable atmosphere. She is very adept at seeing movement and helping by giveing me good corrective cues in both my yoga practice and when we are in the gym. I always find her feedback/coaching to be clear, easy to understand and easy to embody in my quest to be a better functional mover. Beyond all the help she has been to my athletic pursuits, she is an amazing spirit to be exposed to. If you get a chance... Take her for coffee. The warmth and goodness she emanates are amazingly refreshing."
Jeff Chenery, Gainesville Florida

"Leila's laid-back and light-hearted vibe creates a yoga environment that is unintimidating for new yogis and enjoyable even for the most experienced practitioners. I find her classes inspiring and fun. Not all instructors can bring laughter into a yoga class, but leila seems to have a unique way of seeing the world which brings joy wherever she goes. Oh, and she's an amazing friend!"
Seychelle Hittang, Tavernier Florida